• Premium Wagyu Genetics

    Bred from Proven Pedigrees
  • Exceptional Females

    Provide our Breeding base
  • High Marbling Sires

    Offer Next Generation Performance


The quality of fullblood Wagyu genetics determines most things Wagyu.

We run a fullblood black Wagyu herd. This means that all our animals are genetically verified through DNA testing and traced back to the original Wagyu cattle from Japan. Our animals are bred from select proven sires and dams offering high quality genetics to breeders.

We work with seasoned breeders looking to improve herd genetics, new breeders wanting to establish a high quality genetic base, as well as commercial operations looking to secure quality genetics for terminal production.

So whatever your interest in Wagyu might be, we welcome you and invite you to consider our genetics for your operation.

"It has been an absolute pleasure working with you. This relationship has given us access to elite genetics. Thank you for your support"


Wagyu producer NSW, Australia

"You have managed to develop a group of animals that is probably one of the top genetic herds in Australia. We look forward to working with you again down the track"


Wagyu producer, Victoria, Australia

"This Joint Venture has given us some really handy cattle. Thank you for working with us"


Wagyu Angus breeder, NSW Australia