Miku Wagyu makes use of the services of various service providers to collect, store and ship Wagyu genetics. 

We have stock available specific locations and release items ordered to clients once payment is confirmed.  Upon release, clients will be advised that the order is ready for shipment.  Further arrangements will be made through service providers to ship the products paid for at the client's cost. 

Shipment Cost is indicated when placing an order as "FREE" only because we do not charge clients for shipment.  Service providers will however charge a shipment fee once shipping arrangements are confirmed.  The cost of shipment can only be determined once availability of shippers, sharing of costs and urgency of shipment is assessed by service providers.

We store semen in Australia at:

  1. Global Reproduction Solutions
  2. Bovine Breeders; and
  3. Rocky Repro 

We store embryos at Global Reproduction Services.

International semen sales are not available at the moment as our sires are undergoing pre-qualification testing at present.  We anticipate that we will have semen available in the USA, the European Union, the United Kingdom and New Zealand within weeks.  

We are open to requests from breeders in other markets to discuss genetic requirements.  We can make more bespoke arrangements when required, but the delivery time for such ordered would depend on international shipment arrangements to be discussed with individual clients according to their specific needs.